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The Nondual Science Institute is dedicated to the study of Nondual Sciences.

Nondual Sciences are based on Special Systems Theory which is a new way to conceive the relation of the Western Philosophical, Scientific and Technological tradition in relation to Formal Models of nonduality that allow us to grasp the nonduality at the heart of the Western Tradition including its sciences and technology. Nonduality is normally experienced in meditative states or in states of super-conscious flow. Nondual science attempts to understand how the experience of nonduality can transform our Western Tradition including its science and technology before its globalization destroys our planet.

Nonduality means Not One! Not Two! rather than a monism or dualism. It is something else than One or Many normally glimpsed in meditative or superconscious flow states. It is the dream of many who are interested in both modern physics and other sciences
and spiritual paths of various sorts to find a bridge between the two ways of exploring inwardly and outwardly. Nondual Science is the answer to this quandary.

In many cases nondual science has been practiced in traditional non-Western cultures previously. Part of the goal of the Trace Studies Institute is to study these past traces of nondual science so that it can inform our understanding of Modern Western Science by showing up its assumptions and underlying foundations that make it blind to nonduality which is unexpectedly inherent in our tradition and built into it from the beginning.

See David Loy's book Nonduality.



Book Draft

Nondual Science

Kent Palmer, Ph.D.

Beware! Unedited Draft

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Nondual Science:

A Possible Nondual Renaissance within the Western Worldview

Nonduality and the Western Worldview:

Nondual Science in a Broader Context

Nondual Science Theory:

A Candidate Theory of a Nondual Science

The Anatomy of a Nondual Science Theory:

Looking Closer at the Theory of Special Systems

Theoretical Models and Images in Nondual Science:

Modern Theories and Ancient Images that Approximate the Model of Nondual Science and the other Open Horizons of Research

Mathematical and Physical Anomalies in Nondual Science:

Hypercomplex Algebras, Nonorientable Surfaces and other Anomalies

Emergent Meta-systems and Nondual Science:

Dynamics of the Special Systems and the production of Gaia

Schematization and Nondual Science
The Foundations of Holonomics

Nondual Science Heuristics
The basis for Traditional Sciences based on Nondual Science

The Future of Nondual Science

Horizons of Exploration within a World of Discovery

Thinking through Nonduality
An Exploration of the Foundations of Nonduality

Questioning the Terminology of Nonduality

An Exploration of the Foundations of Nonduality

Is a Science of Nonduality possible?

Prologomena to any Future Science of Nonduality

A Framework for the Science of Nonduality
Fundamentals of a Science of Nonduality


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